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3 Things to consider while hiring a Professional Cat Sitter

When holidays are approaching, there are many things you need to plan for an upcoming vacation or business trip. Right from hotel reservations to plane tickets, you need to ensure everything is perfect. The same goes for your beloved cat, ensuring that your cat is cared for and it should be at the top of your planning list. So, are you worried about finding a professional cat sitter in Toronto? Then you need to consider the following things to make an informed decision.



1. Know your cat's special needs


Most of the cat loves quiet environments where they can feel independent. A boarding facility can put them on stress, and your cat can expose contagious diseases. You can also consider the cat's personality. If you think she would be better off in his own home, and she is comfortable with a person that she is familiar with? If so, then you can forego the boarding facility and reach out to a professional cat sitter service provider.


Also, know the medical conditions and anxiety issues with your cat. A cat sitter is better suited to provide the one-on-one attention on your cat, which is required to say healthy. It is very much more comfortable to check in with a cat sitter to see how your cat is doing. You may even be able to get text or email updates throughout your journey along with your cat's photos and videos.


2. Know your cat sitter


It is very much imperative that you find a sitter with whom you and your cat both are comfortable. The sitter will be entering and staying in your home, feeding the cat and probably providing medical attention to your cat. He also needs to deal with all the necessary emergencies while you are off. It is good to start your hiring process at least a month before you officially leave for the vacation. You can meet multiple sitters and give deeper considerations to each of your applicants.


You can look around for personal references or browse professional cat sitter reives online. You can have them visit your home and interact with your cat to ensure compatibility. This allows you to ask any questions you may have to provide the person is right for the job.


3. Know what to ask the cat sitter


When you are meeting with the applicant, it is essential to know which questions to ask so that you can determine their qualification to handle your cat. Here is a list of few questions that you should ask any potential applicant:


  • What are the per day or hourly rates?
  • Does their rate include any extra charge for the cat's medications and vet's bills?
  • Does the rate include cat grooming services?
  • Is the cat sitter licensed and insured for any accidents?
  • Will only one person be visiting the home and interacting with the cat? 


Good luck with hiring your cat sitter!


Lastly, you can discuss the budget and fees with your cat sitter. While hiring the professional cat sitter in Toronto, make sure you have this list handy and go through the process.

What does a dog walker East York do?

If you are a dog lover, then you know the importance of walking for your dog. A dog needs a regular walk, which keeps him calm and healthy. For dog walk, you might need to spend quality time, and in this busy lifestyle, you might not get sufficient time for yourself. Hiring a dog walker East York is the best idea if you are unable to take out your pooch for a long walk. Before hiring the right dog walker, you must understand his duties and what does he do. Knowing everything about him might be pretty helpful to select the best professional.


Who is a dog walker?


A dog walker is a professional involved in walking with your dog. This walk generally starts from the dog owner’s home and then returning the dog to its home. A dog walker can be a person or can be a professional working for a company. The dog owner should pay him for taking his dog for a walk.


Some of the dog walkers might take multiple dogs of different weights and sizes for a walk at the same time, while some prefer to take only one at a time. Walking for a dog is the best part of the day for the dog. Also, walking is the best daily workout regime needed for the dog to keep them healthy, calm, and happy. In some states, dog walker must have a license and have animal first-aid training before starting a dog walking.


What’s dog walker’s job?


A dog walker’s main job is to take the dog out for exercise. They generally pick the dog up from the owner’s house, take it out for a walk, and then return it to the owner’s home. They also ensure that the dog is content and has sufficient water and food. Some of the dog walkers also provide grooming services along with dog walking so that the owners don’t have to bother about it. You may select grooming services with it.


A dog Walker’s abilities


The dog walker has complete control of your dog and also has full authority of your dog. He must have the following abilities:


•Strong physical stamina to handle dogs of different weights and sizes
•Being comfortable with the pet holders
•Coordinating with many schedules at a time
•Understanding of animal manacles and use of transportation kennels
•Obtaining and updating permits




A dog walker devotes almost all of their time outdoors in rain and shine, taking your dogs out for their exercise. Walking not only provide training to the dog but also provide social stimulation and with other people and other dogs. Your dog will be more content, display fewerdamaginginclinations, and remain calmer for the day. Thus, all you need is to find the best dog walker Easy York who help you to keep your dog healthy, relaxed and happy. Feel free to contact us for more details.